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1 inch Tecre Button Machine
1 inch Tecre Button Machine

1 inch Tecre Button Machine

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Professional Button Making Machine Model m100
Part Number: m100
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This 1 inch button machine is used to press button badges as well as all the items shown below. The 1 inch sized buttons are a very common size for bands:

  • A Model 100 Button Maker (Machine)
  • Sample Button Supplies
  • Instructions & Warranty

The 1 inch sized buttons are the most popular in the industry.

This button press machine is super easy and fun to use. Its great for kids and adults alike. You can design your buttons using the design program of your choosing, print your graphics on just about any inkjet or laser printer, cut out the circles, and press it into a button on your very own 1 inch button maker machine!

Your badge maker machine comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and is backed by the Button Makers.net dedication to customer satisfaction. We are always here to solve any problem, as well as help you with your projects and share information.

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