10,000 x Pinned Back Button Supplies 1-1/4 inch

10,000 x Pinned Back Button Supplies 1-1/4 inch

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Part Number:125sets10k
  • Description:This package includes all the metal and plastic badge making supplies (shells, pinbacks, and mylar) that you need to make 10,000 wholesale button pins. The only thing missing is the paper - which you provide!

  • Production:Time: If you're punching out graphics one at a time with a graphic punch it takes about 45 minutes to make 100 buttons. 30 minutes to print and cut circles and15 minutes to press the buttons. You can speed up production by punching more than one graphic at time, using a faster printer, etc.
    Tools: Making buttons includes designing, printing, cutting out circles, pressing buttons, and inserting pin-backs. So you'll need to have a computer with a graphics program, or some way to make button designs, a printer laser or inkjet will do, a circle cutter, and of course the Button Making machine.
    Paper: The Model 125 can accommodate paper up to 5 mil in thickness. That includes standard office or laser paper, as well as many papers called "Photo Quality Inkjet" or something similar.
    Parts: One and one quarter inch button parts include mylar, shells, & pin-backs.

  • Demographics:One and a quarter inch buttons share the market with 1 inch buttons. They are commonly worn by teens and young adults for the purpose of sporting brand loyalty, identifying with their entertainment interests, novelty, and networking. This market uses their music interests especially to voice their personality and find others with similar tastes. "Hey that's a cool button, tell me about it, lets be friends" One and a quarter inch buttons are bigger and stand out in the crowd of similar 1 inchers but are still small enough to be cute and popular!
This item contains everything you need to make 10,000 1-1/4 (1.25 inch) buttons in our Model 125 Button Machine.

The shells and pinned backs are made from heavy duty recycled US steel. The mylar is 3 mil clear plastic that protects your graphics and gives the button a professional glossy finish.

These parts work with ButtonMakers brand machines, other US standard sized machines, and Badge-a-Minit brand machines as well.