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1-1/4 inch Magnet Supplies
1-1/4 inch Magnet Supplies

1-1/4 inch Magnet Supplies

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  • Complete refirgerator magnet supplies 1.25 inch
  • Compatible with ProMakers, Tecre, or other US Manufactured machines
  • Sorta* compatible with metric machines
  • Mylar is 1.629 inches round and 3mil
  • Magnets are 1 inch round and 1/4 inch thick
  • Weighs 24 lbs per 1,000
Part Number: 125magnets
Shipping Included

This item contains everything you need to make 1.25 inch refirgerator magnets in our Model m125 ProMaker Button Machine or any US manufactured button maker. The shells and collets are made from heavy duty recycled US steel. The mylar is 1.629 inches in diameter, 3 mil thick plastic that protects your graphics and gives the magnets a professional glossy finish. The magnet is a 1/4 inch thick rubber magnet with a peel and stick adhesive that adheres to the inside of the button after it is pressed. It fills the back of the button giving it a solid professional look both front and back. It's strong enough to hold paper to a refrigerator.

*Metric size 32mm supplies use a slightly larger diameter and thinner mylar. The button pieces themselves are close enough to be compatible. You can get it to work in most metric machines most of the time. But we can't give you any guarentees. Works with:

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