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2-1/4 inch PHOTO ProMaker Punch

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2-1/4 inch photo graphic punch
Part Number: c2225
This circle punch cutter creates a perfect 2.25 inch diameter circle for use with our 2-1/4 inch Button Machines and 2-1/4 inch Button Parts. The edge of the photo paper extends only to the bleed area of the button edge instead of all the way around back to beneath the pinned back. The photo paper is then held in place by the mylar which is the same size for both standard and photo buttons. Our 2.25 inch circle punches are just like a big hole punch. You print a sheet of circles (i.e. your button designs), cut them into strips, then feed the strips through the 2.25" button cutter one at a time. The opening in the top allows you to line the circle up perfectly. Once your image is lined up, you push the lever down to cut the paper, then push the cut circle up.

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