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2-1/4 inch Magnet Supplies
2-1/4 inch Magnet Supplies

2-1/4 inch Magnet Supplies

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  • Complete refrigerator magnets 2.25 inch
  • Compatible with ProMakers, MultiMakers, Tecre, or other US Manufactured machines
  • Not compatible with metric machines
  • Mylar is 2.625 inches round and 3mil
  • Magnets are 1-7/8 inch in diameter
  • Weighs 32 lbs per 1,000
Part Number: 225magnets
Shipping Included

This item contains everything you need to make 2.25 inch refirgerator magnets in our Model m225 ProMaker, MultiMaker outifitted with a 2-1/4 inch die set, or any US manufactured 2.25 inch button maker. The shells and backs are made from heavy duty recycled US steel. The mylar is 2.629 inches in diameter, 3 mil thick plastic. The magnet is a 1-7/8 inch round, rubber magnet with a peel and stick adhesive that adheres to the back of a button after it is pressed.

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