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3 inch Graphic Punch - Tecre
3 inch Graphic Punch - Tecre

3 inch Graphic Punch - Tecre

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3 inch graphic punch (3.451 inch diameter)
  • Cuts a 3.451 inch diameter circle for button making
  • Expertly machined
  • Fast, accurate, and easy to use
  • Cuts entire circle in one motion
  • Guarenteed for life
Part Number: c3451
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This 3 inch circle punch cuts a perfect 3.451 inch diameter circle for use with our 3 inch Button Machines and 3 inch Button Parts.

Our graphic punches are just like a big hole punch. You print a sheet of circles (i.e. your button designs), cut them into strips, then feed the strips through the button paper cutter one at a time. The opening in the top of the 3 inch hole punch allows you to line the circle up perfectly. Once your image is lined up, you push the lever down to cut the paper, then push the center of the hole up from the bottom (theres a little piston that slides up) and it ejects the circles out the top. With some practice, you can cut up to 5 strips at a time using 5 mil. paper (However, this is not guaranteed. Only 1 layer at a time is advised by the manufacturer for accurate cut when using the 3 inch hole punch).

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