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Here you will find DIY button kits that include a machine, cutter, and supplies in one product: *almost everything you need to get started making your own buttons! We have 2 lines of button making machines in this section: ProMakers and MultiMakers. If you're not sure which one is right for you, Rebecca will break it down for you in this video. The Beginner Kits include a MultiMaker Button Machine, die set, MultiCutter, and 100 complete button supplies. The Professional Kits include a ProMaker Button Machine, Punch, and 500 complete button supplies. Each button maker kit below includes everything you need for one specific size. Still need help? Click Here for guide to getting started in button making!!

*you'll probably also need a computer, printer, and paper, to actually make buttons, and we can't help really you there.
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MultiMaker 1 inch Beginners Kit
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MultiMaker 2-1/4 Beginners Kit
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MultiMaker 3 inch Beginners Kit
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2x3 Machine ProMaker
1-1/2 inch Square ProMaker Kit