I made some templates for our popular button sizes for Cricut Design Space. Check it out and feel free to send in feedback. I'd love to make these the best they can be. I don't use a Cricut in my business so I've created these with my best knowledge of how most plotters work. 

The links below will open in Cricut Design Space and are meant to take advantage of the Print Then Cut feature in Cricut. Click the link to open the size that corresponds to the button maker you have. Note that the sizes below are in inches for US made equipment. If your equipment was manufactured elsewhere the templates won't be exactly right for you. Please let me know if you'd like templates for your metric machines too! 

1. Click the link below and sign into Cricut Design Space. Then click Customize.

2. Modify your button graphic to your liking but make sure to leave the red circle the same size! The white circle indicates the safe area. You will want to make sure all your graphic elements you want to appear on the face of the button stay within that white circle shape. (You can change color from white to anything you like).

3. Once you have designed your button graphic, select all of the layers and click Flatten.

4. Next Copy / Paste the button graphics to lay out a page. Keep them within an 7x9 area so that Cricut can print them with registration.

5. Click the Make It button.

6. Cricut will lay out your copied graphics in the best manner for it to print, then cut. Click Continue, then click Send to Printer

7. After it has printed your button graphics and registration box, apply the paper to the Cricut cutting matt and let Cricut cut your buttons! 

Cricut Design Space downloads for Pin Button Badges

1 inch button template

1.313 inch cut with 1 inch face Cricut template  for buttons

1.25 inch button template

1.629 inch cut with 1.25 inch face Cricut template for buttons

1.5 inch button template

1.837 inch cut with 1.25 inch face Cricut template  for buttons

1.75 inch button template

2.088 inch cut with 1.75 inch face Cricut template for buttons

2 inch button template

2.415 inch cut with 2 inch face Cricut template for buttons

2.25 inch button template

2.625 inch cut with 2.25 inch face Cricut template for buttons

2.5 inch button template

2.92 inch cut with 2.5 inch face Cricut template for buttons

3 inch button template

3.451 inch cut with 3 inch face Cricut template for buttons

3.5 inch button template

4 inch cut with 3.5 inch face Cricut template for buttons