Did you buy a crapshack button maker off Amazon and now can't find a reliable source for supplies? Or are the supplies you can find for your machine plastic, flimsy, or otherwise sub par quality? Do you shake your fist at the sky and wish that you could just buy supplies from a reputable, woman-owned, small, American business. Well now you can! Take a look at the video below and watch Becky convert a metric size button maker into US size one using MultiMaker dies! 

What you do is buy a set of MultiMaker dies from ButtonMakers.net. Everything on ButtonMakers is measured in inches and uses US sizing. Any of our MultiMaker dies will work for this purpose. Then you just unscrew the dies that came with your machine, and replace them with the US size dies from us. Now you're in business using US size supplies available here, and just about anywhere else that carries button making supplies in the good ol US of A!