Most jams are a one-off event. If you can clear it, you're good to go. But some times the problem is chronic. Certain paper types can cause it, grody buildup from paper finishes, loose screws and catawampus corners  can cause it. But we can fix it! 

These punches are like big giant hole punches. They don't use blades, but precisely machined metal to sheer the paper. There is very little tolerance between the cutting plates, so any weird build up from paper finish, or even the resistance from the finish itself can get in there and cause a jam.

The ProMaker Punches are made for use with 28-32 lb laser or inkjet paper. If you're using something other than that, the paper is probably causing your woes. Just unjaming the punch and cleaning it out with a lint-free cloth and silicone lubricant will probably be all you need to do. 

You can access the area that gets gummed up from the top of the punch without taking it apart! Just use a little lube on a cloth and wipe it down. Then run some spoil sheets through the punch to remove any residue.

If you're using just regular ol paper, you have cleaned it with silicone lube, and are still having issues, your punch may need some additional help. You cannot access the cutting plates using home tools, so you shouldn't even try. If you are inclined to take the punch apart, it is *only* to put it back together nice and square to make sure that the screws are tight and the pieces are flat, square, and even.  

If you doubt your abilities to reassemble a punch in a square and even fashion, give us a call and arrange for it to be serviced in our shop. 314-329-7088. If you bought your punch from us, we'll do it for free!

Happy Punching!!