Hot 1 inch Action
It was the evening of the 23rd of October, a typical rainy night in Vancouver BC. As I entered the Gallery Gachet that evening I was immediately struck with what one could only describe as Hot One Inch Action! It was hot, alright, due to the shoulder to shoulder room packed with button-crazy gallery goers. There was action alright. I've never seen such interactivity and communal action transpire in any art gallery. It was all about the iconic 1 inch button that night. Art works submitted by locals and curated by Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen created the coolest merger of buttons, art, and community to hit the Pacific Northwest in a while! Here's the idea: You walk into the gallery, scope out some of the art (which is in the form of cute little pinned-back buttons), and pick out some favorites. Then you pay $5, reach into the button box, and pull out a grab bag of 5 random designs. Next you walk around the gallery with the buttons in your hand. Other attendees will just walk up to you to check out the buttons you have for trade. You check out their buttons, make a swap, and maybe a friend too!! As the night goes on some buttons become more coveted and valuable. It was so much fun! Hot One Inch Action - bringing art alive and people together, through buttons!!!!!!