How to UnJam a ProMaker Punch

The ProMaker Punches are fast, easy to use, reliable circle cutting machines made speficially for buttons. They cut the exact right size for use in the button makers we carry here on the site, and they are made for use primarily with 20-32lb printer paper stock.

If you put magazing paper, vellum, plastic, or other weird materials into a ProMaker Punch you might jam the cutting plates. These are very precisely machined sheers and any material that is just a little thin can actually get between the sheers and cause a jam. If this happens, the best way to recover from that is to use force on the bottom of the machine. That's right, you just pick the machine up, and set it down on the table (or a surface you won't damage) hard. Don't try to disassemble it or pry the cutting plates apart. You can't actually access the part that gets stuck with normal household tools anyway. So don't even try!! Watch the above video to see the techique we use to unjam punches.

If this is a persistent problem for you, please get in touch with us! If you bought your punch from us, we will gladly repair it and send it back to you for no charge!