Meet Becky Buttons
Becky and her friends were making zines and art in a Seattle warehouse, when Plan-it-X Records asked if they could make them some buttons. At the time, no one was selling button supplies online. The challenge of finding a reliable supplier gave Becky an idea. As a supplement to the screenprinting and custom merch she was already making, in 2001, she launched

Becky has spent nearly 2 decades helping others, making buttons, and solving problems. She has seen and solved it all. From unjaming machines with no tools, to talking customers through photoshop questions over the phone, Becky has a vast knowledge and unwavering can-do spirit.

In 2011, Becky decided to pack up her shop and move back to her beloved home of Saint Louis, Missouri. Today, ButtonMakers is thriving on Cherokee Street. They are proud union members of CWA Local 6300. Though still a small crew, ButtonMakers remains a dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable company. Think of Becky as your bestie with a button maker!