We strongly recommend ordering samples before placing a large order if you are not sure your machine is compatible with our supplies or you're unsure of the size. We will happily take returns, but you are responsible for the shipping on incompatible items.

If you are going to attempt to measure your button machine, you'll want to measure straight across the inner ring on the pickup die, usually the die on the left on most button makers. Please keep in mind, however, that even the smallest difference in size can cause compatibility problems. So if you have any doubt, please just order samples.

Use the coupon code SAMPLES for up to 3 sets of samples shipped for free. The coupon is good for one use per customer. If you have a specific need for more than 3 sets of samples, please contact us. We are happy to accommodate most reasonable requests. If you do not use the coupon code, the cart will charge shipping. We did this to prevent people abusing the free sample offer. Sorry for the inconvenience!