Silhouette Cameo Button Templates

Cutting your graphics are a major part of making your own buttons. We carry professional grade punches and cutters for all the button sizes. But if you already own a Silhouette Cameo or other desktop plotter you might want to use that to cut your graphics instead. 

Here you will find page layout cut path downloads for Silhouette Studio. Each file also includes a face line layer so you can easily see the safe printable area of your buttons. The cut lines are set up to be exactly the right size for each button size that we carry at

You can use these files to design your buttons using any graphics you like. Just resize your designs so they fit inside the face line. Remember to delete the face line before printing! Then you can use the Silhouette Studios print then cut feature to print out your graphics with registration.

Once your page has printed, load it into your Cameo or Portrait plotter. Silhouette will cut your page of button graphics to the perfect size for use in the Brick City Button Makers Tecre button machines! 

Download Studio3 files for your pinned back button size below:

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