To get started making buttons you need:

Once you have your designs printed, you'll need to cut them out. If you are using the MultiCutter you will place the cutter on the printed design, hold the handle down firmly and rotate it around in a circle until the graphic is cut. 

If you're using a ProMaker Punch, you first cut your printed pages into columns. Then you can insert the column in between the cutting plates, center the graphic, and cut it by pressing the handle down. 

Once your graphics are cut you will load them into the button maker with your supplies as follows:

  1. Position the handle in it’s upright resting position, pointed away from you. Position the Die Table so that Die A is facing you. If it isn’t marked, Die A is the one on the left when the die table is turned perpendicular to the base.  
  2. Insert the shell into Die A smooth side up. You’ll know the shell is properly placed when you cannot get it back out of the die with just your fingers. It sets down in the die and you can only get it back out by making a button, or pulling it out with a magnet.  
  3. Insert your graphic on top of the shell, right side up. Make sure any text is in a straight, readable position.  
  4. Insert the mylar on top of the graphic.  
  5. Rotate the Die Table so that Die B is now facing you.  
  6. Insert the pinned back into Die B pin side down as shown. 
  7. Pull the handle all the way down toward you.  
  8. Lift the handle back up. 
  9. Rotate the Die Table around so that Die A is facing you. 
  10. Pull the handle all the way down toward you again. 
  11. Lift the handle back up. Remove your finished button and do a happy dance!